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Placing Product or Services on “My Designersboard” web site

New Members.

Would you like to have a presence with us at Designersboard page as a manufacturer or service provider? We will be very happy to hear from you. If you like to send us your contents for our approval and publishing? please contact

Existing Members

Would you like to add new product, or services to your existing Designersboard page? Please send us your product info for our approval and publications?

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Sponsoring and Advertising on www.

Designersboard’s Home page has 20 mini-boards dedicated for our sponsors to show case their company logo, product or Services. We also provide space for static banner advertising targeting a specific audience. If you would like to sponsor or advertise on Designersboard please contact: for more information.

If Material or Product of your choice does not exist in Designersboard web site?

If you can’t find your choice of  material or product for your next project please send as a quick e-mail with the product name. We will contact the manufacturer for you and once the product is approved it will be placed on our data base. 

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General questions, Suggestions, Complaints and Notifications.

We would like to hear any suggestions for content or technical improvement, complaints or notifications for errors or misrepresentation of information in our data base. Tell us if you have difficulties surfing or problems with printing or sharing “My Designersboard” page.

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