About Us

Our Vision

Time is of the Essence

You want to find the right building materials or product in the shortest possible time for your new project. But navigating through thousands of products and materials on the Internet and print media and compiling all related data can be an infinite task. Designersboard amalgamates, organizes and categorizes it all into one place. We simplify the exhausting process for both designers and suppliers.

At Designersboard, we have expert knowledge of product specification, design of high performance building envelope, green material and product specifications. We are continuously growing our library of products and materials using our wide-ranging network of manufacturers and designers in related fields including: architecture, interiors, landscape, urban design and engineering.

Driven by Innovation and Knowledge  

To reduce the complexity of product selection, we have introduced a brand categorization process. Designers may focus on a small set of a few brands in which they contrast and compare products and services.  

We also believe that the best design decisions are made when all information related to products or materials such as Specifications, Data Sheet (Cut Out), Drawings, BIM, LEED or Green specifications, Case Study, Color, etc., are readily available. At Designersboard, we have created a concept knows as Product Embedded Information (PEI) which allows you to select a material or product and we provide you with all relevant information in real time.

Simplicity is our moto

Designersboard is the most intuitive and easy to navigate search tool for computers, tablets and smart phone applications. The friendly web interface will take you through simple steps to select, compile and print, or share your sample board known as “My Designersboard” using social media.

Always Room for Improvement

At Designersboard we strive to improve our application tools and services so your experience is as unencumbered and efficient as possible. We welcome your suggestions and ideas. Please don’t hesitate to contact us:

Email-  ideas@designersboard.com